Guess Who's Back, Bitches!!

2014-02-19 06:43:35 by SSJ3-Goku4567

Hey there, fans and haters alike! How the hell are ya?


As you all are aware, back in Jan 14th, I had lost access to my entire computer's hard drive, which meant all of the songs I was working on became inaccessible and therefore unable to be completed. Well, guess who's back! That's right. I'm set up with FL Studio once again, and I will be coming in hot! So you ladies, gentlemen, bitches, and bastards better be getting ready, because I'm back, and I'm gonna be kicking hard!


That's right, to make up for lost time, I will be working on a slew of both remixes and original work. In fact, I have a new song in the works right now, so you should look out for it in the future! Also, I will have a slightly different set-up than my previous works, but it should please you to know that I am once again back at work and making music once again! Hot-diggity-dog!! Unfortunately, since the works I was in the process of creating are still unable to be recovered, I will have to restart most of those unfinished works from scratch. Luckily, I'm pretty much all set up, so I'm ready to bring my music back to you loyal fans and lovely haters, so keep an eye out, because SSJ3 is back, bitches!!




P.S.: Since I am also doing remixes of various video game themes, I want you guys to give me some suggestions. I already have a few in mind, but I want to see what you guys can challenge me to do. It can even be one that I've done before!


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2014-02-19 12:42:45

Good to hear that you're back up and creating. Suffering such a Loss is never easy, but it can also give you the Chance to explore Things which you might not have thought to do before. As far as challenges go, the Elite Four Theme from Pokémon X and Y isn't bad, but it doesn't quite have the same Force as that used in some other Generations (Gens II and III come to Mind), so you might see what you can do with it [Link:].

(Updated ) SSJ3-Goku4567 responds:

Jeez... I dunno about that one, but I've pulled off harder requests before. I'll see if I can do something with it, but it'll probably be later on, once I've gotten my feet dug back in.

[EDIT] I've decided that I will take on your challenge!


2014-02-22 00:24:26

If you decide you don't like that one, let me know, and I can challenge you to something else.

SSJ3-Goku4567 responds:

Well, I'll see what I can do with it, but it'll be tough, that much I know. But what other ones do you have in mind, just out of curiosity?


2014-03-22 05:03:58

Nice to read that youre back ^^. You wanna have a challenge? Well i should say "Love-colored Master Spark", cause i mentioned it in your remix about it... but im more wondering how you could improve the song "Rural Makai City Esoteria" from Touhou 12 - Undefined Fantastic Object. So thats my challenge for you ^^.

SSJ3-Goku4567 responds:

Rural Makai City Esoteria, huh? I might just give that a shot. However, there are others I need to take care of, so I might take a while. I mean, even the Pokemon X and Y Elite Four challenge is gonna take a LOT of time. However, I'll see what I can do.


2014-05-03 11:15:07

Sunny Milk's Scarlet Mist Incident would sound rather interesting with your style! I don't know if you've done this one before, but I'd like to hear it if you have.


2014-06-27 04:11:35

Holy crap you make alot of songs XD um how about Donkey kong country Enchanted Woods :D


2014-06-27 05:26:32

Oh yea chrono trigger corridors of time :D


2014-06-27 05:38:35

I also found out you play mabi!! yay!! What server though


2014-06-27 05:50:19

Also Fable Temple of light or Temple of avo