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So Much Popularity Lately... I Don't Know How To React!

Posted by SSJ3-Goku4567 - October 28th, 2016




Let me explain.

Recently I've been noticing a boom in the overall views of my remixes of this year and some from the years gone by. I was a little perplexed by this, as my remixes have usually been seen by only a handful of people. Lately, just a few mixes ALONE have jumped up to thousands of plays, and there have been more votes cast for a few of my mixes than ever before. I found out why.

My music has been slowly, but surely, making its way onto YouTube (discounting my own personal influence). People have used my remixes, particularly a few of my Touhou mixes, in Geometry Dash and the like, and as a result, the rise in publicity has been absolutely astonishing. I never expected anything like this to happen, nor would I ever have dreamed of it. Lately the number of people who have played my music on this site has skyrocketed, and my Nuclear Fusion redux ALONE has garnered more popularity than my most popular ORIGINAL song, Endless Confrontation. This is crazy to me, and I mean crazy. I don't know how to react, nor do I know what words to say to this!

I mean, as far as I've known, the only people who have used my work on YouTube have been myself (as Shiverwar) and a few of my friends. It's insane. Once again, you guys, I want to thank you for sticking with me throughout the years, and I also wish to apologize for the very slow pace of releases that I've been subjecting you to. Things have been rather difficult, to say the least, and my will to make music has been dwindling as of late. I promise, though, this will be temporary, and I will get back into my groove one way or another, so look forward to that!



Also, as I mentioned, I have a YouTube channel by the name of "Shiverwar", where I mostly upload videos of me playing Dragon Ball XenoVerse (and when my PC is upgraded, XenoVerse 2). Go check it out, if you want! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNN2UU9y3u9MHwjw3GnWllw


See you there!


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You've earned it dude, you've worked hard, struggled, but also had fun along the way.
I've also had a pretty slow pace, but I've learned that the slower the pace of an upload, the more work there is going into each upload, which overall (typically) means higher quality content when the DESIRE DRIVE to work is there. I hope you find the DESIRE DRIVE to continue working, you make good shit.

Lol. This is because of Geometry Dash. ;)

Well, it's just was a matter of time that everyone was going to notice your talent, and as little as I have seen, I can safely say that it's your constancy and DETERMINATION to keep making these awesome remixes and songs that it's finally giving you the fruits of your labor. Keep up the AWESOME job dude!

Congrats on your success!

congrats man :)

I noticed the same thing when a 2004 song of mine - 8-bit halloween was used in geometry dash and I couldn't figure it out at the time either hehe..

-shawn (Chronamut)-