Hey, Newgrounders. News Update.

2013-07-03 15:40:11 by SSJ3-Goku4567

Alright, boys and girls, listen up. SSJ3 here with an update for y'all.

Lately things have not been going so smoothly for me, in life and in music creation. I haven't been able to come up with many ideas for things, and even my remixes have suffered a bit. But fret not! I'm currently working on a batch of mixes that may or may not blow your mind. One such mix is one I've never done before, and one that's incredibly challenging for me.

Anyway, on to some minor things. I've noticed that not many people leave reviews lately. Sure, maybe they don't have time, but sometimes, I'd just like to hear from you guys what my music is like for you? Do you like it? Do you not like it? Are there problem areas that need fixing? Anything I should add or remove? Let me know what you guys think so I can improve on my skills. That's why I ask for reviews and not ratings. I'd like the opinions of the portal lurkers so I can improve my songs and make better stuff for you guys.

Sorry for sounding like a bit of an attention whore there, but that's the truth. Your opinions matter because it could help me improve on my abilities.

Anyway, among the lined up mixes, we've got a few going on. Some are Touhou, some are Final Fantasy, but one such mix is one I never thought I'd do, and one that's currently kicking my ass. Giratina's theme from Pokemon Platinum. Damn, I never thought I'd meet a more challenging song since "Night of Nights" and "U.N. Owen was her?". Be on the lookout for it, because I'm working hard on it. It's actually a challenge a really close friend of mine proposed, and I have to say, pretty fuckin' hard to recreate.

Anyway, that's about it, I hope you guys stay tuned and are psyched about the mix as much as I am doing it. Peace and love, love y'all.

And to the haters and trolls... Where the fuck are you? I need my entertainment back, bitches.



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2013-07-04 01:24:21

Good luck man, I like listening to your stuff when I see it.

They're here, probably street teaming new tracks, then they'll come back and start trolling the news again =)

SSJ3-Goku4567 responds:

Thank you, mate! I'll keep working hard to get new stuff out, but it's been quite difficult lately. As for the trolls, I just want someone to play with. XD


2013-07-07 10:28:43

Hey SSJ3. Im hearing all of your new stuff and I think that your style is awesome :3 And i write it to you under many of your new stuff. And i wish you good look for the future. I hope that im someday able to make musik as good as you can do it now. :3