A Hero's Last Stand - Remastered and Ready to Rock Your World!

2011-01-19 09:47:02 by SSJ3-Goku4567

Yes, I am happy to announce that, in between school and other tedious things and hard-hitting anger and depression, I, or rather, myself and XayberOptix, have managed to remaster "A Hero's Last Stand"!

Now, understand that I only made certain parts of the horn progression, but that was because the shortened version didn't have a part that I needed. However, the majority of the progression notes as well as the idea for the horns is all XayberOptix's doing, so give the guy a big round of applause. It's thanks to him that "A Hero's Last Stand" is what it is, and I am glad.

So, that's all, so... take a listen sometime! The link is here. Right here. Check it out now.


PS. Once again, thank you so much, XayberOptix for helping me with this, thank you Joshy676, Metaljonus , and various others for inspiring me to propel myself further into making music, and thank you my fellow listeners who have followed my progress over these tough years. Let's work to make 2011 a rockin' year!

PPS. And thanks to the 0 Bombers for allowing me to humiliate you once again. Though you may try to bring me down, I'm never going to die out.


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2011-01-24 17:08:44

Zero-bombers? I thought that was just paranoid bitching in the back of my mind. It's hard to believe there are morons who sit there in the Audio Portal and do nothing but vote zero on everything they see, but anything's possible on NG, I guess.

Thanks for the shout-out, Shawn. :D

SSJ3-Goku4567 responds:

Yes, Zero-bombers are still existent.

And you're welcome for the shout-out and link. :D